Wednesday, 15 September 2010

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Click to enlarge.News cutting from the " Bracknell Standard " December 2010..Three generations of Budo..Modern Aikido has been changed by many to suit their own needs therefore devaluing the true spirit of Aikido. Henry Ellis and Derek Eastman have always kept to the " Martial Way " This is carried on with their sons Rik Ellis and Mark Eastman..

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1963 British Aikido Film
Earliest known "British Aikido Film" 1963 8mm film. With Henry Ellis Sensei & Derek Eastman Sensei Taken at the USA West Drayton USAF Air Force Base... Click here > Old movie Click here

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__________________________________________________ESTA _ INSTRUCTORS___________________________________________

Instructors of the Ellis Schools of Traditional Aikido

Henry Ellis Sensei 6th dan International BiranKai ~ AikiKai Hombu.
( Henry Ellis retired from teaching is the E.S.T.A webmaster )

Derek Eastman Sensei 6th dan International BiranKai ~ AikiKai Hombu.
( Eastman Sensei is the head of the E.S.T.A schools )

Andy Lyon Sensei 5th dan ESTA.
( Lyon Sensei is the chief instructor of the Bracknell dojo )

Mark Eastman Sensei 4th dan ESTA.

David Warne Sensei 2nd dan ESTA

Brad Beeden Sensei 2nd dan ESTA

Paul Zolic Sensei 1st dan ESTA

Anita Wilson Sensei 1st dan ESTA

Karen Rutland Sensei 1st dan ESTA.

E.S.T.A Schools USA

Dave Rogers Sensei 3rd dan USA Representative ~ Albuquerque New Mexico USA.

Al Montemar Sensei 1st dan. Dallas Texas USA.

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