Monday, 21 September 2015

UK1 MMA - Rik`hammer` Ellis wins - UK1 MMA Light Heavyweight Title - Belt

  Photo - Rik - hammer - Ellis - Aikido / MMA with the UK1 MMA  Light Heavyweight Championship Belt.

Fight Science Arena - Aldershot - Sat July 21st - 2012

The Fight in Brief.
Kriston Buxey really brought it on with a great opening shot that spurred Rik in to action in a fight he was just as determined to win as was Buxey. After the opening shot from Buxey Rik allowed his 18 pounds heavier opponent to push him back into the cage wall where Rik made a very effective tight `Tenkan` turn off the cage wall taking his opponent down into  `ground n pound` finishing with a rear naked choke in the 46th second of the first round.
The 46 second win should not undermine what was a battle from the bell to the end.
Rik Ellis Aikido - MMA wins in 46 seconds of the first round.
Rik `hammer` Ellis fought Kriston`hulk`Buxey for the UK1 MMA light heavyweight title and championship belt. Rik won with a RNC in a hard fought 46 seconds.
Professional photos and video to be added as soon as available

18 yr old Jay Dods Ellis made it 5 straight wins as a semi-pro MMA fighter by beating 30yr old Polish fighter Pavel Famel in 56 seconds of the first round to take the UK1 MMA Light weight semi-pro title. It was a great night for Henry Ellis as he watched his son and grandson demonstrate the Ellis family fighting spirit.

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