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Ellis Schools of Traditional Aikido
Training and teaching from 1956

Bracknell Aikido Dojo Information.

 ` Jennets Park Community Centre  Aikido Dojo` Bracknell. -

There are classes held every Monday  evening - arrive for 8pm - The main hall has mats on a sprung wooden floor.. 
Cafe - Free Car Parking. - Beginners can sit and watch or join in,  just wear track suit bottoms or shorts and tee shirt.
Email: Information - andyjlyon@hotmail.com
Tel: Andy Lyon  01256 811528  Jennett’s Park Community Centre -Tawny Owl Square - Jennett’s Park - Bracknell RG12 8EB  
      See Google Maps.  Jenetts Park Community Centre Map

The Ellis Schools of Traditionl Aikido 
Visit the Oakridge Centre website - Click here ->Oakridge Centre 
The Basingstoke Dojo
Instructor - Sensei Brad Beeden

Regular visits from other instructors. 
Oakridge West Community Centre
(Near Oakridge Junior school)
(Entrance via Upton Crescent)
Oakridge RoadBasingstokeHampshire

Location Map -> Click here 

Practice Sessions: Adults (16+)
Monday 20:00 - 21:30 - Instructor = Brad Beeden
Wednesday 20.00 - 21.30 - Instructor = Mark Eastman
First & Third Friday each month 20:00 - 21:30 - Instructor = Derek Eastman

(Friday sessions are dedicated Weaponry classes.) 

Contact: Brad Beeden - Tel 01256 342771 or 01256 478440
Email - Brad.Beeden@Linde-mh.co.uk 
Scroll Down for more details of the history of the Ellis Bracknell Dojo - one of the oldest Aikido Dojos in the UK from 1963

Scroll Down for History - Old Dojo Photos and More

Memorial Collection of Early Photos of  Chiba Sensei's LifeCLICK - Tribute Slide-Show to TK Chiba Sensei - 1940 - 2015

Scroll down for ` UK Aikido History Milestones ` 1955 - 2017

Tanto Presentation

Tanto Presentation to Henry Ellis 2007 at the ` Masahilo Nakazono Memorial Event` for 50 years teaching Aikido [ 60 + now ]

Scroll to bottom of this page for more photos of the Bracknell Aikido Club Juniors circa 1990s
Rik Ellis with the kids section - 1996 ( Bracknell Rugby Club )

The Bracknell Aikido Dojo - Coopers Hill Dojo -  Childrens section 1997
Sadly we no longer have  junior classes - It is my intention to add more photos of the kids classes from that time.
I am sure that students and parents look in from time to time, please download any photos you like.
Future photo additions will be added at the foot of this page ( scroll down )

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The Ellis Schools of Traditional Aikido are pleased to inform visitors we are not members of the discredited British Aikido Board [ BAB ]  Visit The British Aikido Board Exposed  Blog

For the factual detailed history of British Aikido ( not the BAB version )  Visit the `British Aikido History ` Blog 
Visit the Kazuo Chiba Sensei Memorial Site - Click ->  "Kazuo Chiba Sensei"

1966 - 2016
50th ESTA Anniversary of continuous Aikido Teaching in Bracknell.



L to R:  Derek Eastman and Henry Ellis at the ` Kenshiro Abbe Memorial Event `` 2005.


1966 - 2016
Celebrating 50 years of Aikido in Bracknell

Below:  ` 1966  ` Bracknell News ` cuttings of opening of new dojo.

Henry Ellis was the first of the original Aikido dan grades to open a dojo outside of the famous old ` Hut Dojo `.

The "Ellis Schools of Traditional Aikido" - ESTA - one of the oldest Aikido organisations in the UK. The ESTA proudly have as principal coaches Henry Ellis and Derek Eastman who are the last two surviving student  pioneers of British Aikido still involved from the 1950s - from its inception by Kenshiro Abbe Sensei and Ken Williams Sensei the British Aikido Council National Coach who is still involved with the Ki Federation GB. 

" Bracknell News 1966 " article on the opening of the Bracknell Dojo.
The Bracknell Aikido Club was first established in 1966, in the old Victoria Church Hall, Church Road. Near The Old Manor Pub. The Church and the Hall have long since been demolished.
The dojo then moved to the St Andrews Hall which was

located behind the Binfield Road Post Office. - In later years we moved to the Bracknell Football Club - Bracknell Rugby Club and Coopers Hill Youth Centre. -  50 years later we are finally settled at - 
Jennetts Park Community Centre - Tawney Owl Square - Bracknell, RG12 8EB
United Kingdom
Phone: 01344 308571      See Google Maps.  Jenetts Park Community Centre Map
Senior Instructor: Andy Lyon Sensei 5th dan.
Email: Information - andyjlyon@hotmail.com
Tel: Andy Lyon  01256 811528
The Bracknell Aikido Dojo ( training hall ) welcomes both men and women over the ages of 16 years to 97 yrs. We are sorry to say that we no longer offer childrens classes at Bracknell.
                                                                            Visit - Aikido Books - Click >  `Positive Aikido` 
Beginners welcome

Just come along and watch a class - or join in 
and see if Aikido is for you( Beginners only need T-Shirt and track suit bottoms to start )
From November 12th - Aikido every Mon  evening - from 8-30pm to 9-30pm

Photo below 1959/60
Henry Ellis and uke Derek Eastman at the famous `Hut Dojo`.
Bracknell Aikido Dojo - first established in Bracknell in 1966.
Shihans Henry Ellis and Derek Eastman are the last two pioneers from the inception of Aikido to Britain in 1955 by Kenshiro Abbe Sensei - They are proud to have their dan grade diplomas signed by legends - Osensei Morihei Ueshiba No 349 - Kenshiro Abbe - Masahilo Nakazono - Masamichi Noro - TK Chiba - Doshu Moriteru Ueshiba.

Left: Derek Eastman Sensei - founder of the Ellis Schools of Traditional Aikido.

Senior Instructor: Andy Lyon Sensei 5th dan.
Email: Information - andyjlyon@hotmail.com
Tel: Andy Lyon  01256 811528

Bracknell Aikido Dojo Information.

 ` Jennets Park Community Centre ` Bracknell. - There will be classes held every Monday and at 8-30pm to 9-30pm starting on the 12th of November 2012.

The main hall has a sprung wooden floor. - Cafe - Free Car Parking. - Beginner just wear track suit bottoms and tee shirt.

Jennett’s Park Community Centre -Tawny Owl Square - Jennett’s Park - Bracknell
RG12 8EB        See Google Maps.  Jenetts Park Community Centre Map

More details to be added as available.

Scroll Down to Bottom of Page for more videos.


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