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    Aikido - 1955 - 2015 - For those that studied with Sensei's  Kenshiro Abbe - Tadashi Abe -Masahilo Nakazono - TK Chiba Sensei in those early days will remember their Aikido being true Budo, something that very few will ever see or feel again. 
Read " Aikido Then and Now - 1955 - 2015.


Don Bayney Japanese Swords



UK Aikido History Milestones


  Interest for Members & Visitors

Ellis Schools of Traditional Aikido
ESTA Founders: Derek Eastman & Henry Ellis; a brief UK Aikido history timeline from the 1950s to 2014.

Right: Kenshiro  Abbe Sensei's butterfly emblem of the BJC - BAC - BKA.

1.     1955.       Kenshiro Abbe arrives in the UK at the invitation (under contract) to the `London Judo Society` (LJS) - 
2      1955        K Abbe meets Masutaro Otani Sensei in London, the bonding of two great Budoka and an amazing future journey for British Budo.
3      1955.       K Abbe aged 40 takes on 33 LJS dan grades in line up - tells each one the technique he will use, left & right - he beats every single one. 
4.     1955        K Abbe introduces Budo + Aikido - UK. at `Royal Albert Hall London` - K Williams 1st UK student /dan grade - 1958 -BAC National Coach.
5.     1956.       K Abbe severs contract to London Judo Society. Abbe Sensei wanted to teach KyuShinDo Judo - the LJS were only interested in competition.
6.     1956.       K Abbe now joins forces with Masutaro Otani of the M.O.S.J.A. ( Jubilee Judo Club ). This was the beginning of a great era of UK Budo.
7.     1958.       K Abbe and M Otani create the `British Judo Council` (BJC) - `British Aikido Council (BAC) - `British Kendo Council` (BKC).
8.     1950s.     First UK Aikidoka - K Williams - D Williams - E Dollimore.      H Foster - H Ellis - D Eastman.

9.     1950s.      K Williams - D Williams - E Dollimore - H Foster - H Ellis - D Eastman first  UK dan grades recognized by OSensei and Aikikai.
10.    1959.       K Williams - H Ellis taught first  w/e UK Aikido seminar - Devises Judo Club Wiltshire UK as guests of Graham Burt Sensei.
11.   1950s.     Hut Dojo ( Abbe School of Budo ) first 8 dan grades to K Abbe Sensei;H Ellis-5th - D Eastman-7th.

12.   1957.       Kenshiro Abbe invites the first Japanese Aikido master to the UK - Tadashi Abe Sensei - `1926 - 1984` - Student of Osensei from 1942.
13.   1960.       H Ellis & D Eastman first UK Aikido TV exposure on Harlech TV with K Williams and all other Hut dan grades.

14.   1961.       K Abbe invites Masahilo Nakazono Sensei ( 1918 - 1994 )    to the UK as the official AikiKai rep for North Africa - Europe - UK.
15.   1962.       Masamichi Noro Sensei  1935 - 2013 - makes the first of many visits to the UK.
16.   1963        Ellis & Eastman traveled for one year around the UK - promoting - teaching - introducing Aikido for free - sleeping in dojos - car - name it.
17.   1963.       H Ellis & D Eastman first teachers to officially introduce Aikido to the UK Education System whilst traveling and teaching Aikido.
18.   1963.       Ellis - Eastman - others - Royal Albert Hall - 1963.K Abbe - M Nakazono - M Noro - M Harada - H Michigami - M Otani.- Shoei Hamano.

19.   1963        Summer School - Grange Farm Essex - K Abbe - M Otani - H Michigami - M Harada - M Nakazono - M Noro -  guest S Hamano 9th dan.
20.   1963.       Ellis - Eastman 1963.1st UK filmed Aikido demo - UK USAF West Drayton UK. - The event was the USAF European Judo Championships.

21.   1963.       K Abbe invites Mutsusuke Harada to teach Karate at the Hut Dojo - H Ellis and D Eastman studied with Harada Sensei.
22.   1964.       K Abbe visits Tokyo summer Olympics, visits Osensei, asks for TK Chiba to be sent to the UK as official AikiKai representative.
23.   1966.       Henry Ellis opens 1st Bracknell Aikido Dojo, demonstration by K Williams Sensei & all the Hut dan grades.

24.   1966.       TK Chiba Sensei arrives in the UK - makes first visit to the ` Hut Dojo`. Chiba Sensei makes sure the `Hell Dojo` lives up to its name.
25.   1967.       K Williams Sensei leaves the `Hut Dojo` in the care of Haydn Foster Sensei and moves to Wales to create the Ki Federation GB.
26.   1967.       H Ellis leaves `Hut Dojo`  as assistant to TK Chiba Sensei.1967 - 1972. Dojos - Earls Court London - Times Newspapers Black-friars London.
27.   1968.       H Ellis & K Chiba - First BBC World Radio Broadcast - 30 min Aikido interview.

28.   1968.       TK Chiba - H Ellis hold summer school in Bracknell - N Tamura - T Ichamura - H Tada.
29.   1968.       Derek Eastman creates the org `Ellis Schools of Traditional Aikido`.[ ESTA ] then invites Henry Ellis to join.
30.   1968.       H Ellis & K Chiba - Granada TV - Aikido Demonstration.- see article ` Two Handsome Young Men `.

31.   1975.       William ( Billy) Otani Judoka and eldest son of Masutaro Otani Sensei tragically died aged 33 yrs - 1942 - 1975.
32.   1977.       Masutaro Otani head of Samurai Budo family dies aged 81 yrs - 1896 - 1977.- Together with Abbe Sensei, created the BJC - BAC - BKC.
33.   1977.       British Aikido Board created from the Martial Arts Commission by the members for the members until discredited in 2000.
34.   1984        Tadashi Abe dies in  Japan - 23-11- 1984 - aged 58 yrs. He was the first Aikikai teacher to introduce Aikido to France and Europe  1952.
35.   1985.       Kenshiro Abbe Sensei dies peacefully at his home in Tokushima Prefecture - Japan. aged 69 yrs. (15-Dec-1915 -- 1-Dec-1985)

36.   1991.       Tomio Otani - Kendo - died aged 52 yrs - 1939 - 1991. - Tomio  student of Kenshiro Abbe Sensei. Tomio a close friend of Derek and I.
37.   1992.       Henry Ellis visits Masahilo Nakazono at his home in Sante Fe New Mexico USA.
38.   1994.       Masahilo Nakazono Sensei dies peacefully at his home in Sante Fe - New Mexico USA. aged 76 yrs. (20th-Dec-1918 - 8th-Oct-1994)
39.    2000.      British Aikido Board now discredited, attempt to corrupt the history of UK Aikido. ( they failed miserably  )  
40.    2004.      Henry Ellis forces the BAB to a meeting with Sports England. BAB receive strong reprimanded - ordered to apologize to Henry Ellis.
41.    2005.      Book Publication of "Positive Aikido" - A book on UK Aikido history anecdotes & techniques
42.    2005.      Ellis & Eastman organizing members "Kenshiro Abbe 50th Memorial Event". Crystal Palace London - Event totally sold out.
43.    2006       W `Bill` Woods died - 1930 - 2006 - Bill, personal assistant to Kenshiro Abbe, Bill was the most influential of all UK Budoka. 

44.    2007.      Ellis & Eastman organizing members "Masahilo Nakazono Memorial Event".
45.    2010.      Henry Ellis and Derek Eastman receive 6th dan AikiKai Hombu from the Doshu Moriteru Ueshiba.

46.    2011.      Haydn Foster Sensei  aged 84 yrs - 1927 - 2011 - Pioneer of UK Aikido dies peacefully at his home.
47.    1950s      2014 -H Ellis & D Eastman Diplomas signed by - Osensei Ueshiba - K Abbe - M Nakazono - M Noro - K Chiba - Doshu M Ueshiba.

48.    2012       UK Aikido History Articles published - Aikiweb - Fighting Arts Int - Aikido Today - Blitz MA Mag - Martial Arts Illustrated.
49.    2012.      H Ellis - D Eastman promoted to 6th dan AikiKai Shihan by TK Chiba Shihan and Doshu Moriteru Ueshiba - 3rd - 8th - 2012.
50.    2012.      Henry Ellis - Derek Eastman the original UK Aikido pioneers to be promoted to Aikikai Shihan by TK Chiba and Doshu Moriteru Ueshiba.
51.    2013.      Masamichi Noro Sensei dies peacefully at his home in Paris France, aged 78 yrs. ( 21st-Jan-1935 -- March 15 -2013)
52.    2014.      March -The discredited British Aikido Board begins to fragment with over 50% members leaving - incl the JAC and the BAA.

53.    2015.      Kenshiro Abbe Sensei - born 1915 - 100 years celebration of the birth of the legendary Budoka. 

Henry Ellis admin

Co-author of `Positive Aikido` 


Aikido - Then and Now - 1955 - 2014

Henry Ellis - I am often asked the following question.

 " What is the difference between the Aikido of the 1950s and the Aikido of today ?"

1950s - This was a time when all kyu and dan grades were highly respected, simply because everyone knew that even the lowest grade had been honestly earned through blood sweat and tears, not like today, often given as a Christmas present by your own students, or ordered online from the inept British Aikido Boards website for a modest fee.

Students never handed out titles to their own teachers, such as Shihan - Grandmaster - Soke - Hanshi - Doctor - Professor and any others you can think of.  - Just imagine being at school and the kids informing the teacher that the class had jointly awarded him/her a PHD, now that would be worth six strokes of the cane on both hands in my school days.

Photo Left: Kenshiro Abbe teaching - Henry Ellis centre.

Kenshiro Abbe Sensei taught that uke should always attack on balance - today it is more often a ukemi attack with uke being overly compliant and acrobatic. 

If you attack on balance, then the techniques have to be good to control the attacker - the nod of the head, and no touch throws would then be comical, sadly, many students show as much resistance as an unattached piece of string.

Importantly, it was a time when students did not grade their own teachers as so many do today.

It was also a time when there was no Aikido with ribbons, if anyone had been daft enough to come into the dojo with a bundle of coloured ribbons ?  they would have been found hanging by them from the Hut Dojo roof beams.  

It was a time when Aikido was a respected martial art, respected by all the other m/a.

If Abbe Sensei thought his teaching wasn't getting through - no words were spoken - Sensei would `tap` the offending body part with a crack of a Shiinai - this was a very successful method of teaching, it gained immediate attention, it would be a reminder and an indicator to the student what their problem was, no one ever complained - The Ki people would be in tears today.

It was a time when students would train hard, and the techniques would be strong and effective, everyone attacks a little different, therefore you cannot plan what your defense would be, the attacker makes your defense ( or not ) It was a time when people trained hard to understand the techniques - if, as so many do today, trying to scientifically analyze Aikido with engineering and physics, Aikido is natural movement, not for some,  for example, if a student asked Kenshiro Abbe or Mutsuro Nakazono anything of a technical nature, they were told to practice with an ` empty mind ` only a clear mind will adsorb the  knowledge.

Left: The 4th dan certificate presented to Kenshiro Abbe Sensei by Emperor Hirohito of Japan in the 1930s.


This was a time when Kenshiro Abbe sensei was the only 8th dan in the UK .

We now live in a different age, a crazy age, where 7th and 8th dans and now unbelievably 9th dans are like post-boxes, with at least one in almost every town and village in the UK, thanks to the inept - " BAB   -  you can grade yourself, or ask your students to grade you - and simply add ``British Aikido Board Approved ``. It is like ordering a doctorate or a curry online.

Aikido training In those early days by Kenshiro Abbe Sensei and with alittle encouragement of a Shinai, the traing was very physical, building fitness, fighting spirit, and physical and mental strength, after the warm up, there was always a session of kicking and punching techniques, this was followed with push-ups, depending on grade, with between 20 for beginners and two hundred for dan grades of push-ups on the back of the wrists. 

It was also a time when all Aikido came under the respected `British Aikido Council` [BAC] overseen by Kenshiro Abbe Sensei and Ken Williams Sensei.

In later years we would see the creation of the so-called governing body for Aikido, the ` British Aikido Board` [BAB] - a body that started with good heart and honest intentions, only to become a an overly bureaucratic body that would recognize its own grandmother as an ` approved ` Hanshi or dan grade,  an organisation that would later offer online dan grades for money.

The BAB would knowingly recognize well known fraudulent practitioners grades, publicly promote the offenders profile to its membership and the genral public. 

The BAB allow the endless use and abuse of `` BAB Approved `` for the promotion of self appointed titles of Shihan - Hanshi - Grandmaster - Professor - Doctor - Soke .

The British Aikido Board has now become a home for the homeless, the established organisations such as the JAC and the BAA, which are creditable organisations who are all associated with Japan HQ - these organisations have resigned from the BAB.

Aikido Dancing   -  Aikido Ribbon Dance  -  Nodding Aikido  - Fantasy Aikido - 

Times change, people change, and Aikido will change - but sadly it is not always for the better.

`The Aikido Controversy`

Admin - Henry Ellis

Co-author of Positive Aikido`   

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It Only Takes the Good Aikidoka to Stand Quietly By - For the Fraudulent Plastic Samurai to Succeed.

Tadashi Abe Sensei - 1926 - 1984.

" The Aikido I knew and learned with Osensei was Budo. Since my return to Japan, I realize that what we teach today has nothing to do with this martial art.
What remains of this art inherited from Samurai, which was formed by the founder for men. Today, it is a sport of women ! "  Tadashi Abe Sensei

Tadashi Abe Sensei began his Aikido study with Osensei in 1942, he was the first official AikiKai representative to Europe.

  Tadashi Abe Sensei and Kenshiro Abbe Sensei.

Tadashi Abe Sensei visited the UK in 1958 at the invitation of Kenshiro Abbe Sensei, he would make several visits before the arrival of Mutsuro Nakazono Sensei in 1961 and Masamichi Noro Sensei in 1962.


If only Tadashi Abe could see senior Aikidoka  today - throwing with a nod of the head - no touch throws - breathing through their toes - Aikido Ribbon Dancing - Touching and Freezing students - Music in the Dojo - Ki Blasts -  Rest in Peace - Tadashi Abe Sensei.

Abe Sensei was a hard man in every way, he was small but powerful and dynamic. During the second world war he had trained and qualified as a one man suicide pilot of a ` Kaiten `  ( Return to the Sky ) submarine, which in reality was a glorified torpedo. TK Chiba Sensei personally told me that Abe Sensei was his hero and he told me how Abe Sensei was in preparation to go into action with the Kaiten when the war suddenly ended - Chiba Sensei said that Abe Sensei felt to the day he died that fate had cheated him of his destiny to die for his Emperor and Japan.

Henry Ellis Admin.

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The British Aikido Board Controversy Slide-Show.

The Ellis Schools of Traditional Aikido are proud of their history and lineage - Both Henry Ellis and Derek Eastman are direct students of the legendary Budo Master Kenshiro Abbe Sensei - they are also the last two pioneers from that era in the 1950s.
It is our aim to protect the early history and the names of the great teachers that created our aikido history.
The truth is important, not only for the students of today, - but for the students of the future who deserve nothing less.


The British Aikido Board Event Presentation Programme

Reads ( pause at 7m 14sec )

" This year is a particular special event because we will be honouring 5 ( FIVE ) instructors who have served over 40  ( FORTY )  continuous years teaching Aikido in the UK. "

They are:  H Ellis ~ H Foster ~ R Reynolds ~ W Smith - D Eastman.

NOW look at the presentation group photo and the named 5 ( FIVE ) has mysteriously become 6  ( SIX

British Aikido Board - Jack Poole Controversy

The Betrayal of British Budo 

The British Aikido Board Controversy Slide Show.

Documented evidence of the conduct of the UK Governing Body for Aikido.

Detailing the BAB's attempted collusion with one Mr Jack Poole to change forever the true proud history and lineage of British Aikido, from its inception to the UK in 1955 by Kenshiro Abbe Sensei.

Henry Ellis was actually Mr Poole's first teacher as one can clearly see from the large collection of photos and statements, this did not deter the BAB from proudly parading Mr Poole along-side his teacher as a `Pioneer of British Aikido` .

Imagine you are a direct student of Kenshiro Abbe Sensei and recognised by the Doshu and TK Chiba as a true pioneer of British Aikido - The UK Aikido governing body invite you to receive an award in recognition of this - As you wait to meet the Lord Mayor of Birmingham - you hear a shuffling sound - you look behind - standing there unannounced is one of your old students in line to receive the same award as a pioneer - unbelievable.You could not make this up - The BAB did.

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____________________________________AIKIWEB _____________________________

Four Articles - Featuring: - 1st Kenshiro Abbe Sensei - 2nd Masahilo Nakazono - 3rd Masamichi Noro - 4th TK Chiba Sensei.

_______________________________"THE BUDO MASTERS"___________________

_______Kenshiro Abbe ~ ~ Masahilo Nakazono ~ ~ Masamichi Noro ~ ~ Kazuo Chiba _____

Henry Ellis 6th dan AikiKai Hombu - Co-author of "Positive Aikido". Relates stories of training with the early Budo Masters.
_______4 Articles - featuring 1st Kenshiro Abbe Sensei - 2nd Masahilo Nakazono - 3rd Masamichi Noro - 4th TK Chiba_______

___________________________________________Click the Article of Your Choice___________________________

1st - Article: Kenshiro Abbe _____“Trying to Catch the Wind”_____
Click Here -
AikiWeB Article - "It Had to be Felt".~ Kenshiro Abbe - "Trying to Catch the Wind".

2nd - Article: Masahilo Nakazono ______”A Man of Peace and Pieces”______
.Visit Aikiweb Click here >-
Aikiweb - Nakazono Sensei Article

3rd - Article: Masamichi Noro ______The White Tornado__ .
Visit Aikiweb - Click Here - "The White Tornado" 

4th - Article: Kazuo Chiba ______Two Handsome Young Men___Visit Aikiweb - Click here Two Handsome Young Men

Henry Ellis a direct student of the legendary Budo master Kenshiro Abbe Sensei from 1957. "AikiWeb" has published 4 articles to add to their popular Ellis Amdur article collection of "It Had to be Felt" `IHTBF`.

Visit the "Aikido Articles Blog"->Aikido Articles

Aikido from 1957 - Bracknell & Basingstoke Traditional Aikido Dojos.UK - USA..
Scroll down for full details.

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 Ellis  Schools  of  Traditional  Aikido

                                     The Ellis Schools of Traditional Aikido are not associated with the Discredited British Aikido Board.

SCROLL DOWN for DETAILS  " ELLIS SCHOOLS of TRADITIONAL AIKIDO " - Bracknell - Basingstoke - History - Lineage - Videos - Articles.
British Aikido History
1955 - 2013

`British Aikido History Blog` is the official British Aikido History site - The site is dedicated to the true history of Aikido in the UK - from its inception in 1955 by the legendary Budo Master Kenshiro Abbe Sensei.  Right: Kenshiro Abbe Sensei with Ken Williams Sensei at the Hut Dojo. K Wlliams Sensei was the first British student of Aikido and assistant to Abbe Sensei.

Left: Kenshiro Abbe:                                          Right: Ken Williams.
The site is maintained by AikiKai Shihans Henry Ellis and Derek Eastman -  The last two surviving pioneers from that exciting era of the birth of Aikido in the UK at the famous "Hut Dojo"
Ellis & Eastman Sensei's are co-authors of the book `Positive Aikido` - they are proud to have their diplomas signed by legends - Osensei Morihei Ueshiba - Kenshiro Abbe - Masahilo Nakazono - Masamichi Noro - TK Chiba - Doshu Moriteru Ueshiba.

Below right: Mitsusuke Harada Sensei

Right: Henry Ellis - Mitsusuke Harada - Derek Eastman join Harada Sensei at the TK Chiba Celebration in 2006. Harada Sensei was invited to the UK in 1963 by Kenshiro Abbe Sensei - He held his first classes at the Hut Dojo. Harada had no students to begin with - Henry Ellis and Derek Eastman studied Karate with Harada, he in turn studied Aikido with them - Harada began to incorporate Aikido moves into his Shotokai Karate as can be seen in his teachings today.

Click here for the British Aikido History Blog > British Aikido History Site

Earliest known film/video of UK Aikido Demonstration - 1963.

USAF - UK Air Base - European Judo Championships.

Henry Ellis - Derek Eastman - Geoff Goodwin.
Click here  Earliest UK Aikido Demonstration Film

Visit the ``British Aikido Board Exposed `` BAB - Blog..
BAB = Bad at Budo.
For the shocking truth about this crass organisation.. 
British Aikido Board Exposed.


Henry Ellis Anniversary Dinner "TK Chiba's 40 years in the UK".

Henry Ellis Sensei joined Chiba Sensei in the 1960s shortly after his arrival in the UK.


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UK1 MMA - Rik`hammer` Ellis wins - UK1 MMA Light Heavyweight Title - Belt

  Photo - Rik - hammer - Ellis - Aikido / MMA with the UK1 MMA  Light Heavyweight Championship Belt.

Fight Science Arena - Aldershot - Sat July 21st - 2012

The Fight in Brief.
Kriston Buxey really brought it on with a great opening shot that spurred Rik in to action in a fight he was just as determined to win as was Buxey. After the opening shot from Buxey Rik allowed his 18 pounds heavier opponent to push him back into the cage wall where Rik made a very effective tight `Tenkan` turn off the cage wall taking his opponent down into  `ground n pound` finishing with a rear naked choke in the 46th second of the first round.
The 46 second win should not undermine what was a battle from the bell to the end.
Rik Ellis Aikido - MMA wins in 46 seconds of the first round.
Rik `hammer` Ellis fought Kriston`hulk`Buxey for the UK1 MMA light heavyweight title and championship belt. Rik won with a RNC in a hard fought 46 seconds.
Professional photos and video to be added as soon as available

18 yr old Jay Dods Ellis made it 5 straight wins as a semi-pro MMA fighter by beating 30yr old Polish fighter Pavel Famel in 56 seconds of the first round to take the UK1 MMA Light weight semi-pro title. It was a great night for Henry Ellis as he watched his son and grandson demonstrate the Ellis family fighting spirit.

Visit the Rik Ellis Aikido MMA Blog - Click link > Visit the Rik Ellis Aikido MMA Blog - Click:

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___Aikido from 1957 ~ESTA - Bracknell & Basingstoke UK ~ Estd in 1966__

__________________________________________________EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW__________________________________________________

Bracknell & Basingstoke Dojos ~ Classes - Times ~ Maps ~ Instuctors Details Below
E.S.T.A AIKIDO SCHOOLS - DOJOS International Locations

Ellis Schools of Traditional Aikido ~ Dojo's Basingstoke Hq.. Hants ~ Bracknell Berks ~ Dallas Texas USA ~ Albuquerque New Mexico USA ~ Alamogordo New Mexico USA.
____________________________________________________________Basingstoke Dojo________________________________________________



The Ellis Schools of Traditionl Aikido Hq

Visit the Oakridge Centre website - Click here ->Oakridge Centre

The Basingstoke Dojo
Instructor - Sensei Brad Beeden

Regular visits from other instructors.

Oakridge West Community Centre
(Near Oakridge Junior school)
(Entrance via Upton Crescent)
Oakridge Road

Location Map -> Click here

Practice Sessions: Adults (16+)
Monday 20:00 - 21:30 - Instructor = Brad Beeden
Wednesday 20.00 - 21.30 - Instructor = Mark Eastman
First & Third Friday each month 20:00 - 21:30 - Instructor = Derek Eastman

(Friday sessions are dedicated Weaponry classes.)

Contact: Brad Beeden - Tel 01256 342771 or 01256 478440
Email -

Annual membership £25 - 00 which includes members Martial Arts Insurance.


ESTA - History & Lineage - Henry Ellis & Derek Eastman 6th dan AikiKai Hombu..
UK Aikido history from 1955`Martial Arts Illustrated`.Click ->The Long and Winding Road

Below you will find everything you need to know about both the Bracknell Dojo and Basingstoke Dojo - Times - Fees - Lineage - History - Location maps - Instructors.

We welcome both male and female beginners and the experienced over the age of sixteen. The ESTA teaches Traditional Aikido and is proud to have Sensei's Henry Ellis & Derek Eastman as the founders of the ESTA. Both teachers are the last two pioneers of Kenshiro Abbe Sensei and Ken Williams Sensei from the inception of UK Aikido in 1955.

Visit the "Aikido Articles Blog"-> href=""Aikido Articles

The Narrated Video of the True Early Days of British Aikido

This is the Video the British Aikido Board Does Not Want its Members to See.

 Henry Ellis Shihan teaching at the Bracknell Dojo with Brad Beeden Sensei - Video No 1

Henry Ellis Shihan teaching at the Bracknell Dojo with Paul Zolik Sensei.- Video No 2

Henry Ellis Shihan teaching at the Bracknell Dojo with uke Jason Tonks - Video No 3
_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Bracknell Aikido Club 1966

" Bracknell News 1966 " article on the opening of the Bracknell Dojo ->. Click here for article
The Bracknell Aikido Club was first established in 1966, in the old Victoria Church Hall, Church Road. Near The Old Manor Pub. The Church and the Hall have long since been demolished.
The dojo then moved to the St Andrews Hall which was located behind the Binfield Road Post Office.

The Bracknell Aikido Dojo ( training hall ) welcomes both men and women over the ages of 16 years to 97 yrs. We are sorry to say that we no longer offer childrens classes.

The Bracknell Aikido Club is a part of the "Ellis Schools of Traditional Aikido"


Aikido from its inception to Britain in 1955 operated a system of coloured belts to indicate the grade or achievment of a student.This system was applied by every dojo and every student. Read the following article on the history of " Origins of The Coloured Belt System ". Click here

Henry Ellis Sensei ( retired from teaching ) and Derek Eastman Sensei started their study of Aikido in the 1950s at the now famous Hut Dojo London. Both Sensei's ( teachers ) hold 6th dan International BiranKai ~ AikiKai Hombu.
The Chief instructor at the Bracknell Dojo is Andy Lyon Sensei 5th dan.

ESTA - Ellis Schools of Traditional Aikido - and - The British Aikido Board..
Visit the BAB Blog - - British Aikido Board Blog

The ESTA is an independent organisation. We are pleased to confirm the ESTA are not members, or associated in any way with the discredited British Aikido Board.(BAB)

The BAB,does accept and recognise any - and all- `self graded`teachers without question including titles - For a fee the BAB will even issue the self graded with official BAB dan grade approved certificates, these valueless certificates can be downloaded directly from the BAB website...

BAB proudly share the"Salvation Army"" motto -"Never known to turn anyone away"!!

ESTA - History & Lineage - Henry Ellis & Derek Eastman 6th dan AikiKai Hombu..
UK Aikido history from 1955`Martial Arts Illustrated`.Click ->The Long and Winding Road

Below you will find everything you need to know about both the Bracknell Dojo and Basingstoke Dojo - Times - Fees - Lineage - History - Location maps - Instructors.

We welcome both male and female beginners and the experienced over the age of sixteen. The ESTA teaches Traditional Aikido and is proud to have Sensei's Henry Ellis & Derek Eastman as the founders of the ESTA. Both teachers are the last two pioneers of Kenshiro Abbe Sensei and Ken Williams Sensei from the inception of UK Aikido in 1955.

Visit the "Aikido Articles Blog"->
Aikido Articles

A Selection of Old Photos of The Bracknell Aikido Dojo over the Years
More Photos will be added as and when I locate them.
Above - Rugby Club Dojo 1994

Above - Jared throwing Rik Ellis 1994

Derek Eastman Sensei with junior section 1996

2002 - Senseis Mark Eastman - Derek Eastman - Andy Lyon

2002 - Henry Ellis Shihan and Junior Assistant Ben

8th-6th-1994 - Derek Eastman Sensei - Henry Ellis Sensei on his left assistant Clinto Hawkins 

2002 - Sensei Ellis presents Ben Lennox with his award as the highest graded Junior ever in the ESTA

2002 - Henry Ellis presents Paul Zolic with his dan grade diploma and hakama